ZCCA’s ZCON week is packed with regional activities, car shows and motorsports activities – all in celebration of the Z car!

This year’s convention is being hosted by the Z Car Club of Colorado and being held in Colorado Springs from August 16 to August 21, 2021.ย  Activities includes:
– Opening ceremonies & Texas Chili Party
– Group drive to Pikes Peak
– ZCCA judged car show competition
– Mid week social evening
– ZCON Track Day and Group Photo at High Plains Raceway
– Denver Downtown InvaZion
– Time attack, drag, parade laps and aerial photo at Pikes Peak International Raceway
– Special guests evening “tech talk”
– People’s choice car show
– Awards banquet and closing ceremonies
– Lots of socializing and hanging out with our like-minded Z car friends

Registration is now open at zcon.org