2021 Fotozed online car show

From the FroZen North to the SiZZling South

The Datsun/Nissan online car show co-hosted by the Ontario Z Car Owners Association in Canada and the Z Car Club of Queensland in Australia.

FotoZed is open to all current members of OZC or ZCCQ with any make & model of Datsun/Nissan.  There are 7 judged categories that you can enter, and an overall people’s choice award.  The prizes are simply bragging rights.  The benefit is enjoyment of so many amazing photographs!  Our top winners will be featured on our website, social media and in our quarterly publication of Zedline.

Entry is Open March 22 to April 5, 2021

  • If you are a current OZC and ZCCQ member, you will receive a link to the entry form via club email
  • Upload 1 photo for each category you’d like to enter (you can enter as many categories as you like)
  • If you have multiple eligible cars, you can enter 1 photo per car, per category
  • Photos are verified and should be posted on this website within 48 hours of being submitted
  • Judges are allowed to enter (this is just for fun after all!)
  • If you haven’t received your entry form by March 23rd or have any questions please contact [email protected]
  • Entry is open from March 22nd 12:01am EST to April 5th 11:59pm EST (March 22nd 2:01pm to April 6th 1:59pm AEST)
  • The top 3 winners in each category will be announced in a private OZC/ZCCQ club meeting on April 16th at 8pm EST (April 17th at 10am AEST) (members are invited) – and displayed on the website on April 17th.
  • Good luck everyone – and have fun!  Can’t wait to see all the photos we are able to collect!
Ontario Z Car
Ontario Z Car


Best Looking Car

Every Datsun/Nissan is the best looking car!  This is the category that everyone should enter – send us the best shot you’ve got of your car (stock, modified or whatever!)

Best Looking Modification

Do you have a special modification that you love (either your entire car or maybe a specific part in the interior or on the exterior or maybe even the engine bay)?  Take a snapshot and tell us about it!

Best Photoshopped Shot (whole or part of car)

Ever played around with filters or photoshop and made anything about your car or its background awesome?  Send us your most creative attempts!

Most Unforgettable Incident (fortunate or unfortunate)

We know sometimes incidents can happen – some are unfortunate (I leant my car to my neighbour who didn’t drive standard) and some are fortunate (Mr. K signed my car).  Tell us the story!

Best Photo in its Era (real or re-enacted)

We know many of you have stored pictures of your dad in his blue satin disco suit standing proud next to your brand new 1971 Datsun… in 1971!   Or many of you wish you had your car back then and want to “pretend” by recreating that historical shot. (Or maybe it’s just that random 90’s shot of your 1992 300zx).  Go for it! (oh please do…)

Fastest Looking Racecar (running or not)

Maybe your race prepped Datsun/Nissan only has 180 HP at the wheels – but how will we know?  As long as it “looks” fast!

Sympozium (best photo of a flock of zed’s – preferably at a club event)

Well… the official description of a Symposium is “a drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet (and notable as the title of a work by Plato)”.  Very fitting for this category – give us your best photo of a collection of Z cars – preferably at an OZC or ZCCQ club event.

Overall People’s Choice

For this category we’ll have the general public (from anywhere in the world) vote on their favourite photo – 1 photo that can be from any category!


FotoZed Technical Advisors

Verifying Entries for our Members

Thanks to the following volunteers, photo entries will be verified (that the member is current, and owns the car in the photo).

Ontario Z Car

Jason Cheshire, ZCCQ

Aspley, Brisbane, Queensland

Appointed to the Vice President role in 2020, Jason has been a member of ZCCQ since 2018. He has owned and now restored a 1977 260 2+2 and he is quickly becoming known to all current members as our Club Social Convenor, so validating each Australian entry will be simple and easy to do, Jason was also part of the Show n Shine Judging Team at the ZCCQ Festival of Z in 2019.

Ontario Z Car

Bob Chwalyk, OZC

Hamilton, Ontario

As the current membership director of OZC, Bob is more than familiar with who our active members and their beatiful cars are.  You’ll find Bob and his beautiful car at all the OZC events and even ZCON as often as he can.

Ontario Z Car

Paul Clemens, ZCCQ

Tamborine Mountain, Queensland

As the current President of ZCCQ, Paul has been involved with active members over the past 8 years, joining ZCCQ in 2013. He has owned a 1974 260 2+2 in New Zealand and again Australia and currently has a 1991 Z32 Track Car fitted with an LS1 Chev V8 with 6 speed transmission, that he raced for the first time since 2000, at the 50th Anniversary 240 Z Festival held at Challenge Bathurst Mount Panorama in 2019.

Ontario Z Car

Howie Yoshida, OZC

Mississauga, Ontario

As an avid auto cross and track day aficionado you’ll find Howie and his Z at parking lots and tracks all over.  Currently the club’s treasurer, he keeps OZC on the straight and narrow and coordinates many of our key annual events like the spring swap meet and Z-Fest.

FotoZed Judges

Launching our members to stardom

Thanks to the following volunteers, a consensus will be made on the top 3 winners in each of the six judged categories (besides People’s Choice).

Ontario Z Car

Steven Barry, ZCCQ

West End, Brisbane Queensland

Steven has been a long time member of ZCCQ since joining in1993 and in that time he has fully restored a 1972 Datsun 240Z Series 2. Look out for his FotoZed online entry as it has a unique front and a different form of 6 cylinder power, plus a nice ‘retro’ look exterior in bright red with black interior. Steve was a member of the 2019 ZCCQ Festival of Z Show n Shine Judging Team, alongside Ross, Glenn and Jason plus he was a judge at the “best of the best” POP Up Car Show in 2018.

Ontario Z Car

Laverne Burkhart, OZC

Kitchener, Ontario

Laverne is a lifelong participant in auto cross, pro solo, regional race, ice race and marathon rally (One Lap of America, Cana-Mex).  He’s an owner of several 240z’s and is an avid photographer.  Just like some of our other FotoZed judges, he has many years under his belt as a national judge at ZCON.

Ontario Z Car

Jason Cheshire, ZCCQ

Aspley, Brisbane Queensland

In addition to validating member ownership of ZCCQ entrants, Jason has a special interest in Show n Shine events. As mentioned he was part of the 2019 ZCCQ Festival of Z Show n Shine Judging Team and he has also be a judge for another ZCCQ show held in 2018, celebrating Z’s from 1969 Datsun 240 to a 2017 Nissan 370. This show was unique as the club presented ‘one’ of each model though the range for Jason and his team to decide the “best of the best” and this was held at our local NAPA Store [now Repco Max] as part of their Annual ‘POP Up’ Car show program.

Ontario Z Car

Paul Clemens, ZCCQ

Tamborine Mountain, Queensland

As the current President of ZCCQ, Paul has been involved with active members over the past 8 years, joining ZCCQ in 2013. He has owned a 1974 260 2+2 in New Zealand and again Australia and currently has a 1991 Z32 Track Car fitted with an LS1 Chev V8 with 6 speed transmission, that he raced for the first time since 2000, at the 50th Anniversary 240 Z Festival held at Challenge Bathurst Mount Panorama in 2019.

Ontario Z Car

Ross Gardiner, GCMCA for ZCCQ

Nerang, Gold Coast Queensland

Ross is currently the President of the Gold Coast Muscle Car Association and has been a member since 2008. This club has worked closely with ZCCQ in providing Flag Marshalling Officials for Motorsport Australia meetings, in particular the Challenge Bathurst event at Mount Panorama since 2016. Ross has a keen interest in promoting car show events on the Gold Coast and has been a regular Head Judge at these events specialising in V8 Muscle Cars from the 60, 70’s, 80’s through to today. Ross was appointed Head Judge for the Show n Shine Team at the ZCCQ Festival of Z in 2019.

Ontario Z Car

Brian Gracie, OZC

Tillsonburg, Ontario

Brian is the current western VP of OZC and has graciously volunteered to help facilitate the judging activities of FotoZed.  He’s been an OZC member since 2003 and his beautiful vehicles have won many (many), local and international awards.


Chris Karl, ZCCA

Chardon, Ohio

Chris Karl is a 30+ year Z-car owner and enthusiast living in Ohio.  Chris is the director for the Z Car Club Association, responsible for helping Z-car clubs organize and grow.  The ZCCA is also responsible for the annual ZCON event (International Z Car Convention) and developed the judging standards for stock and modified Z-cars.  Chris’ garage is filled with a variety of Z-cars from 240z, 280z, 300zx, 350z and 370z models and his family members are avid enthusiasts.

Ontario Z Car

Jack MacDonnell, OZC

Hanover, Ontario

Jack has been a Datsun Z owner since 1984, competes in amateur motorsport events, had a television series on SPEED Channel, currently owns a tweaked ’16 370Z, a ’72 510 2Dr, a heavily modified ’76 280Z, a ’67 Roadster, and operates an automotive restoration business specializing in classics called Jack Mac’s Resto Shop.


Travis [Trav] Maher, Nissan Australia

Melbourne, Victoria

Trav is the Chief Marketing Manager for Z, Patrol and Navara.  He is a motorsport nut, a passion he has inherited from his father who motor raced professionally in the 60’s and 70’s.  Trav is a failed racer himself and considers himself much handier at punching out excel spreadsheets rather than hot laps at Philip Island.  He considers Japan his second home after living there for several years and travels frequently (when safe) with his Japanese wife.

Ontario Z Car

Rick Scott, OZC

Freelton, Ontario

Rick has owned his 240z for 43 years.  He has recently retired from his role as parts manager at Brantford Nissan after 35 years.   A well respected longtime OZC member in standing, Rick has contributed significantly to the club in various roles include past president and western vice president.

Ontario Z Car

Chad Yee, Nissan Canada

Toronto, Ontario

Chad is Nissan Canada’s Chief Marketing Manager for the highly anticipated new Z car. He’s been a car enthusiast since he was a child, often referred to as “Car Lover Chad”, and has a special interest in classic cars, like his own 1990 300ZX.

Ontario Z Car

Troy Young, ZCCQ

Greenslopes, Brisbane Queensland

Troy has been a member of ZCCQ since 2012 and is in the unique position of operating, for another club member, a busy workshop know as Q Auto Repairs. In this role he has wide experience in all the inner workings of our favourite Z cars – be it for the Road or On the Track.  Troy has competed in his own 240 Z at local race tracks including Mt Panorama Bathurst in 2016 – check out his FotoZed online “Most Forgettable Incident” entry.  Troy has also been a Past Judge alongside Jason and Steve at the Napa ‘best of the best’ POP Up Car Show in 2018.

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