ERTEFA night

by Will Hayward

Awesome night, there is too much to say in one post at this time now… but:

  • A yellow shortbus, one airride, with dragster wide tires in the rear and windows that folded up and out to reveal speakers…
  • TWO orange 510s, which managed to park beside each other! both looking forward to coming to Zfest!
  • My small lineup of Zeds, containing my 280zxT, SaisZ’s 350z Vert, Jas’s white pearl 240z, ExotikWraps blue satin 350z, and Boomer’s beautiful blacked out 370z!!!
  • Several Lamborghinis, several Ferraris, several NSXs, an Audio R8, A few Supras
  • A whole lineup of hydraulic lowriders sitting slammed and jacked!
  • A few parking corrals specific for bikers
  • A fried food truck and a cold treats truck… needless to say Krispy Kream and A&W did very well last night…
  • The rainbow colour wrapped ERTEFA car crew, including that Amythist wrapped Amuse 370z on Vossen wheels
  • Several djs and music blasting vehicles around the parking lot.
  • A long and wide burnout lane on the far side of the lot exiting – the most controlled one I’ve ever seen. no one on the road, lots of space, and it went surprisingly well for a good 45++ minutes.
  • And I saw one biker eat it and scrape his bike up because some girls on their cellphones stepped out in front of him and he avoided hitting them. Watched it all happen as if it was slow motion.
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