Get your photos ready

From the frozen north to the sizzlin south… the Ontario Z-Car Owners Association in Canada and the Z Car Club of Queensland in Australia are co-hosting an online car show for their members and entry is open March 23rd to April 5th, 2021.

FotoZed is open to all current members of OZC or ZCCQ with any make & model of Datsun/Nissan. There are 7 judged categories that you can enter, and an overall people’s choice award. The prizes are simply bragging rights. The benefit is enjoyment of so many amazing photographs! Our top winners will be featured on our website, social media and in our quarterly publication of Zedline.

Entry opens March 23rd

– If you are a current OZC or ZCCQ member, you will receive a link to the entry form via club email
– With the entry link you’ll be able to submit 1 entry for each category (for every Datsun/Nissan car you own)
– If you haven’t received your entry link by March 24th – contact us at [email protected] to inquire

FotoZed Categories

Best Looking Car

Every Datsun/Nissan is the best looking car!  This is the category that everyone should enter – send us the best shot you’ve got of your car (stock, modified or whatever!)

Best Looking Modification

Do you have a special modification that you love (either your entire car or maybe a specific part in the interior or on the exterior or maybe even the engine bay)?  Take a snapshot and tell us about it!

Best Photoshopped Shot (whole or part of car)

Ever played around with filters or photoshop and made anything about your car or its background awesome?  Send us your most creative attempts!

Most Unforgettable Incident (fortunate or unfortunate)

We know sometimes incidents can happen – some are unfortunate (I leant my car to my neighbour who didn’t drive standard) and some are fortunate (Mr. K signed my car).  Tell us the story!

Best Photo in its Era (real or re-enacted)

We know many of you have stored pictures of your dad in his blue satin disco suit standing proud next to your brand new 1971 Datsun… in 1971!   Or many of you wish you had your car back then and want to “pretend” by recreating that historical shot. (Or maybe it’s just that random 90’s shot of your 1992 300zx).  Go for it! (oh please do…)

Fastest Looking Racecar (running or not)

Maybe your race prepped Datsun/Nissan only has 180 HP at the wheels – but how will we know?  As long as it “looks” fast!

Sympozium (best photo of a flock of zed’s – preferably at a club event)

Well… the official description of a Symposium is “a drinking party or convivial discussion, especially as held in ancient Greece after a banquet (and notable as the title of a work by Plato)”.  Very fitting for this category – give us your best photo of a collection of Z cars – preferably at an OZC or ZCCQ club event.

Overall People’s Choice

For this category – we’ll have the general public (from anywhere in the world) vote on their favourite photo in any category!