Swap Meet at Brantford Nissan

by Howie Yoshida

We changed the location of our Spring swap meet this year due to extenuating circumstances. Mike Hansen of Whitehead Performance, his wife Danica and their daughter Amelie were expecting the arrival of their second baby and things were just a bit too hectic for Mike to take on the swap meet at the same time. I am now pleased to report that everything worked out just fine with the delivery and Mike & Danica were glad to welcome their new born son, Jules, to the family.

Having found out we were looking for a home for our swap meet, Rick Scott of Brantford Nissan wasted no time and effort offering to host the event for us. Thank you Rick for stepping up! Many of you may not be aware but Rick first started hosting our swap meets at Brantford Nissan, a number of years back before Greg Whitehead moved his shop to the larger premises on Rivalda Road. Anyway, it was like old times as we arrived at Rick’s shop to set up the club table inside. We caught a break too from the usual rainy April weather and the day turned out just fabulous with lots of sunshine and dry skies and warm temperatures. Attendance seemed like it was down a bit as it seemed to me like there wasn’t a lot of people milling about and wandering around taking in all the sellers that were set up inside. Having had the chance to get outside later on in the morning was a surprise. There were a lot more people outside, checking out the Zeds that were brought out and the other sellers that were working out of their cars or just in the parking lot. More space available inside and out just spread everything out more.


There were about 12 tables set up inside with people selling parts. Selection was quite good as a lot of people were walking out carrying all shapes and sizes of body panels and car parts. Later on in the morning, Mauricio fired up the BBQ and proceeded to cook up some delicious hamburgers and sausages for the hungry customers. It was a good day as the line ups were consistent and it wasn’t too long until Mauricio had sold out everything he brought. Thank you Mauricio for buying all the food items, cooking them up and turning over the proceeds to the club account. It was certainly appreciated since it is always too much work doing food.


OZC made out OK that day. We signed up 8 new members and renewed 10 others, to add to our growing membership numbers. Terry Weston, our Merchandise Director was also at it as we sold half a dozen club hats. Our 50/50 cash draw in the early afternoon netted the lucky winner the sum of $40.


Once again, many thanks to Rick Scott, Parts Manager at Brantford Nissan for opening up the shop on his day off and helping out OZC with our swap meet.

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