This year the tour was booked one month earlier at end of August.  Previous years it was booked at the end of September. At the later time the weather was colder + possibly wet.  Weather was great!!  Roads were dry!  This was the largest group of 17 cars.

We were fortunate this year to be invited to drive 2 parade laps on the Calabogie Motorsport Park. This is longest track in North America.  Everyone there treated us well & a very special thank you to Diane Dale.

There was lots of fun with the people. MANY were teasing me the whole two days!!  We got to make a lot of noise at Ash Grove Inn where we stayed at.  Eating & drinking on their new outdoor patio was superb!

No cars broke down this year!  Manolo & his son had a great time fishing wherever we stopped by a lake.  This area is called “land of lakes” in Matawatchan River Valley.

Day #2 saw new roads to the race track. Many roads had extreme elevation changes with radicle turns.This is what the Z car was made for!!  The best 2 roads were at the end of day #2 called South Lavant Rd. & Desert Lake Rd.

THIS DEFINITELY WAS THE BEST CALABOGIE TOUR!    Hope the ones who attended felt the same!

Erle Strauss, Tour Organizer

This has got to be my best tour this year so far! My son, Liandro, loved the driving as well, especially the track parade and fishing. Really enjoyed the camaraderie everyone! – Manolo de Leon