Picton Wine Tour 2015

We all met up at the Fifth Wheel on time. There were plenty of cars, lots of Z cars and some that were not, but friends of members. There were some who had heard about the tour through the web site and social media. Goes to show how valuable these media avenues are. Altogether I believe there were 28 or so cars. After a quick briefing from Mauricio, we took off heading to our first destination, via 401. Right off the bat we lost 3 cars, which got caught to a traffic light, as pulled off the highway. After waiting for a few minutes, the rest regrouped and drove on, hoping the others would turn up at the first stop.


Turns out it was a long stretch to the first stop, and a few couldn’t wait for a break as they peeled off to find “rest areas”. I had the duty of being at the end, making sure no one else got dropped off and was caught off guard when the white 350Z in front of me pulled on to the side of the road. Turns out it was no mechanical emergency, but personal one for the driver.  Couple of us joined him and soon after we caught up to the lead group who were waiting for us.


After a quick tasting at the brewery where the 3 lost cars were waiting, we made it to our lunch stop, Waring house which was only a walking distance from the brewery. It was a nice lunch, quickly served and filled most of us for the rest of the day. Next up was the Cape Vineyard and then the Devil’s Wishbone, a small rustic winery with charming character. With some photo opportunities during these stops the driving continued without hiccups, occasionally missing a group or missing a turn. But overall everyone arrived safely at each location.


As the day progressed few dropped off with prior commitments they had and about 15 cars were left for the final attraction, the ferry ride at Galnoa. We managed to get all the cars loaded up to the ferry except one, and like last year it was a quick but nice ride. The feeling of having our Z cars floating on a giant boat while we scattered around like kids, taking pics was the highlight of the day.


We reached our final destination The Waterfront in Napanee, for the dinner. A really cool place which was obviously very busy with a live band performing on the patio and packed with patrons. To make it easier to serve our group, the restaurant had scaled down the regular menu, which didn’t leave us many choices, especially for the ladies. Few of use left early and stopped at a near by fast food joint for a bite, only to find another group join us, due to further delay of getting their order on time at The Waterfront.


After a fun and quick bite we got on 401, and headed home. Needless to say we were a very tired bunch, especially the ones who had to drive all the way back as far as Sarnia. But then that’s the enthusiasm that keeps this club growing stronger as a group.

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