2014 Calabogie Adventure

by Erle Straus

Wes & I have been on this tour many times over the last 8 years. Wes, with his motorcycle friends, go through the many roads in NE Ontario up to the Ottawa River area.  Every time we go through different isolated paved roads where there is no one , just us with our cars. Very few other vehicles & “no police”.  If weather is dry these roads challenge your driving skills!  Lots of elevation changes. Lots of crazy sharp turns through the woods. Some of these new roads were like a roller coaster ride. Scary & exciting.  These are the roads that our Z cars are meant to drive on.  At the end of Sept. there are lots of fall colours  & cooler fall weather.  The most important part is to have dry weather.  This year day #1 was sunny & cool with a picnic outdoor lunch at the lift locks close to Buckhorn that was enjoyable.


The last year I found a great place called Ashgrove Inn in Barry’s Bay with 15 rooms & a fine dining room with a private dining area. There is seclusion & peacefulness up there.  Lots to eat & drink plus lots to talk to others about things in our lives.  This is a great place to go to to get out of our very busy city.


I have booked this location on the last weekend of Sept.,2015 so this will not conflict with other members’ family events.  This year we missed some of our regular Z Tour people.  Hopefully, next year they will be available.


On day #2 we found some great new roads, but could not explore them all due to the heavy rains.  Next year I definitely want to try our new roads in better weather.


Every time on this tour I see weaknesses in my car which gives me new ideas to modify & improve it for the future. On talking with Will Hayward he found changes he will do, especially after these roads & I’m sure he’ll improve his “ride” when finances permit.

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