Tobacco Roads Tour 2015

Compiled by Brian Gracie
It is always very rewarding having planned  a tour to pull into the starting point and see several Z cars already in the parking lot. That was exactly the case for this year’s Tobacco Roads tour. Walking into Dean Michael’s and seeing our reservation area full of our Z family of friends before Karen and I even arrived was such a special surprise.

After enjoying a great breakfast ,especially the awesome bacon, we all gathered outside for a brief meeting. We also had a birthday girl with us and before departing all sang a birthday cheer to Sandra Weston on her special day.

Nineteen Zed’s plus a Corvette and a Miata toured along many rural country roads. Our first stop had everyone’s eyes just a beaming at the pro drag racing car and the personalized transport for hauling. Not to mention the other toys, ie: 2 Carol Shelby stangs and more! Speaking to the driver who answered many of our questions about his special interest, doing a quarter mile drag race with 3 G’s against his body, was overwhelming to all.

After that point winding through sandy tobacco and ginseng farmland, rain showers caught up to us but thankfully were short-lived. Our second stop at the only brewery farm in Ontario was enjoyed by all. Potato beer.  Who would of thought, but all of their varieties were going down pretty smoothly. Their home-made potato chips hit the spot while we were enjoying an on site tour.

Heading back to the 401 we had about 5 cars leave us, but those who continued enjoyed great food, ( watching the Blue Jays too) , and just a wonderful time at the gorgeous Innerkip Highlands Golf and Country Club.

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