Newcastle & Kawartha Lakes Tour 2015

This tour which explores twisty back roads in cottage country is a day event on secondary (“biker type”) paved roads that was held on August 1st 2015. The tour was organized by Erle Strauss who filed the following report:

I was a little concerned about this weekend as many of the regulars had other commitments on this holiday weekend. I will say that Facebook made a VERY large difference in the additional numbers. It was a pleasure seeing & meeting new people & a few said they would join OZC to be connected to many more Z owners. They wanted to share their stories & hear new stories!! A few of the younger people wanted to make improvements to your Z & through others made different connections.

The owners of Kawartha Country Wines, John & Trish also donated 3 bottles of their wines to be auctioned off by OZC during our ZFest. Thank you to both of them.

I wanted to give a special thank you to Vandra/Bill Husar. Hosting dinner with their cottage on Pigeon Lake was great as usual!! Between food & a great place to be social with the others is a great venue!

I can see that Tour of Kawartha Lakes will be continuing for many years to come!! Thank you to all who attended. I had a very nice day out my Z & my Z friends!!

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