A copy of the original notice of announcing the start of the club.

OZC founnder DieterRoth with some of the original OZC members; Bill Husar, Dave Buttle & past presidents, Scott Taras and JP Matte

At the beginning...

During 1988 – 1991, our founding member Dieter Roth, Owner of Custom Automotive Services, Oshawa, Ont., was heavily involved in Z-Car racing (GT2, GTU IMSA, Ice Racing) as owner, mechanic, crew chief, driver and enthusiast. In 1991 there was a realization that “Not in the history of the automobile, including Bugatti, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Porsche, etc., has anyone produced a sports car that does so much for so little”. There was also a realization that Z parts and collective enthusiasm were both present in our area, so Dieter and several other Z car fanatics decided to try to form a Z-Car Club based out of Custom Automotive Services, Oshawa. An ad was placed in the TORONTO STAR, strategically placed flyers were distributed, and word of mouth fired up the club in October of 1993 with 12 members. Official founding members: Dieter Roth, J.P. Matte, Scott Taras and Steve Tustin. 

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