Rajinda Gunasena

Raji is the CREATV dude for the club, as per his licence plate!

Raji as he is want to be called, re-joined OZC in 2011, having originally signed up in 1997, the same year that he bought his pearl yellow 1990 300ZX (N/A). He went into "hibernation" as he puts it, in 1998 or so due to increasing family commitments. Sources tell us he wasn't happy that he blew up his motor, three months into owning his Z32, at Shannonville during a lapping day organized by the club. Like most young guys, he probably thought the car was invincible!
Older, wiser and with less demanding family commitments, Raji is back zedding with other club members. He is a freelance Creative Director, in advertising as proudly displayed on his licence plate & forum handle, CREATV. A couple of years ago, he took over the role as the Zedline Editor as well as his current club initiatives in re-designing the website and the club logo, editing tour videos for our YouTube channel and a whole lot of design related work for the club.
An avid and a low handicap golfer, Raji is out on the links most weekends and weekdays too with his regular foursome knocking the ball around many golf courses. It’s just another excuse for him to get out and put more kilometres on his Zed. With that in mind, he is known to have a bit of a lead-foot (like almost all other Zed drivers) in keeping up with other faster cars in tough driving conditions. He does this all the while operating a couple of GoPro cameras mounted on his car. Did someone say “distracted?”
Just ask Raji about his recent trip to the "Tail of the Dragon" and he will not stop talking as usual!!

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