Mauricio Gomez

Mauricio behind the Bridal Falls in North Carolinas.

Mauricio lovingly known as "Mo" to many of us is one extremely busy guy! He is the current President of the club after the successfully heading the organizing committee for the 2016 ZCCA car convention in Toronto.
He joined OZC in 2010 and has become one of the most active members in its many activities. A big advocate of using new technology, Mauricio is always promoting and chatting about Zed car and general car events on social media and forums. He owns 3 Zed cars, a red 1990 300ZX (2+2) a 2005 350Z Roadster and have recently added a  94 300ZX TT convertible with 800hp… and yes it's RED too!
Mauricio has his own successful business and is also pretty handy installing electronics in a car. Starting as teenager, he could wire a car with all the latest gizmos in audio, alarm & security systems in a jiffy! He is another one to watch on the roads as he is pretty quick and is known to leave others hanging behind when leading car tours.
Having recently left bachelorhood, Mo & his pretty wife Shima can be seen at almost all OZC events, especially if there's major partying going on!

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