Lou Pereira


Lou MCs at ZCON 2016 Peoples Choice Car Show

Nick named “Sweet Lou” since grade school days, OZC is fortunate to have this jokester front man and all round fun guy serving as the VP on its executive.  (The nick name originated from his coach who likened his suave basketball skills to that of “Sweet Lou” Dunbar of the Harlem Globe Trotters.  Who knew that back in the day he was an awesome player, certified official and even coach for a number of years!).


Lou joined Ontario Z Car back in late 2012.  He’s had his white 1990 Z32 since 1993 and the first car show he ever entered was at ZCON 2013 in Nashua, New Hampshire where his car took the first place prize. 


Most of you will remember Lou as the Master of Ceremonies at Toronto ZCON in 2016, but you can find him at just about every OZC event with a smile on his face and great company in tow.


Affectionately known as “Gpa” by his grandchildren, Lou spends his spare time working on his Z32, rebuilding a new motor (you should see how shiny it is) and other stuff.

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