Howie Yoshida

Howie does what he loves, zipping across an Autocross course

Howie joined OZC in 1999, having heard about a car show called Z-Fest featuring a whole bunch of Zeds.  He checked it out and was so impressed with the car show, the organization and the people running the event that he signed up on the spot and has been a member since that day.  Getting to know the members and seeing how hard they were working to make the club such a great organization soon lead him to become more involved and he became part of the cub Executive Committee (Excom), serving as the Zedline Editor for a period of 5 years Seeing another vacancy and having a desire to play with money, he currently fills the role of club treasurer and will hopefully continue to do so until the Excom no longer believes what he is reporting financially or they start seeing some really super expensive modifications to his Zed.
The first new car he bought was a 1973 Datsun 510 which lasted 4 years and then bought a second hand 240Z that soon rusted out in less than 2 years.  Having caught the Zed bug, Howie, well actually he and his wife Sherrie became the proud owners of a new 280ZX in 1981.  She was the principal Zed driver for well over 15 years until the family grew and it became unmanageable to try and drive around 2 boys in a 2 seater.  Howie grabbed the opportunity to take over the Zed and hasn’t given it back to her since.  After seeing all the modified cars and talking to the club members, changes started happening to his Zed.  Emission controls started to come off, the AC unit stopped working so it was removed rather then replaced, a bigger exhaust that made more noise was added and a lowered suspension with stiffer shocks and bigger sway bars tightened up the ride.  That’s why you always see Howie riding by himself at club events, tours and shows, the wife has no interest in getting into a hot, noisy, bumpy riding, uncomfortable car but she does agree that it still looks fantastic for a 34 year old.
Howie’s Zed is no trailer queen for sure and he really enjoys taking it out on lapping days and running around cones at autoslalom events.  He often finds himself at these events with one of the oldest cars being driven by an old guy to boot.  He would sure like to have some company at the autoslalom events if only some of those cruiser and tour types would come out and try a different type of driving.  They would love it!

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