Eric Zondervan

Eric with his well travelled 240Z on the way to San Diego ZCON in 2014

Eric moved to Toronto in 1972 with his first new car, a 1972 Datsun 240Z. There is a long story of how the car was used as a construction vehicle, was restored, was almost lost to the bailiff when the shop where it was being restored went bankrupt, then stored poorly so it had to be restored again, but it survived all of that and is now driven as much as 35,000 km/year.
Eric first became aware of Ontario ZCar when he pulled the car out of storage in 2005 to put it back on the road. The Toronto Star had a feature in the Wheels section called Autodate. Various car clubs listed their meeting dates there, so Eric attended one of the meetings and joined on the spot. The first Z Con he attended was Syracuse in 2005. The car wasn't back on the road, but he got the bug in a big way. By 2006, Eric had the mechanical systems rebuilt and the car was on the road.
Around this time, Ed Burkhart was stepping down as webmaster and the club was searching for a replacement. It was obvious no one was coming forward, so Eric offered his limited skills. Fortunately, Zak Irvine recognized the shortcomings of the site and Eric's abilities and approached Eric at a swap meet with an offer to rebuild the site and let Eric do the routine maintenance. This has been a satisfactory arrangement, although Eric had to rely on Zak's technical assistance extensively. The site Zak created has been a phenomenal success with visits jumping from several per month to hundreds per day, and new users signing up every day. As of July, 2015, there are almost 1400 users.
Zak's work commitments have left him unable to provide the technical assistance Eric requires, but Raj has come forward with a whole new package. Eric is quite looking forward to working with Raj in this new environment.

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