Brian Gracie

The Gracies with one of their many awards and Z-Cars

Brian joined Ontario Z-Car in 2003, just 2 weeks before the first ZCON was held in Nashua, NH. He has been hooked on Z conventions & club events ever since.
Most recently, he stepped up and filled a vacancy on the club Executive Committee as the Western VP for 2015. Brian and his wife Karen are also hard working members of the subcommittee that plans the many tours each year and the 2016 ZCON planning committee.
Brian’s first car he bought was a red ’76 280Z, at a dealership in Markham, which he still owns. Not the dealership mind you, the 280! Being an original owner of a Zed has been so rewarding for Brian. He has won numerous first place awards including the prestigious Certificate of Competitive Achievement with OZC. Even better is Brian’s ten minutes of his claim to fame on TV. Yes, his 280Z was filmed for the TV show “Style and Steel”. It could have gone to his head except that he is so tall!
Brian always loved the 240Z model and was fortunate to find a 240 in California, five years ago that he quickly purchased. He did a complete restoration and his dream green ’73 240Z has also placed well in many car shows.
At all types of car and club events, you can find Karen at his side. She is a Zed lover herself and enjoys driving her blue ’03 350Z everywhere.
Brian is now enjoying retirement from farming but still brings his strong work ethic with him as he applies himself to OZC events and club business.

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